Morality and Aesthetics Don’t Mix

Aural Fibre

A beaker filled with water to which oil has been added, demonstrating insolubility of oil in water.

Morality and aesthetics don’t mix.  Since when?  Since forever.  People continually try and mix them with nothing but problematic results.

If I say, “for the best experience of this wine, you should pair it with this food,” it sounds like a moral statement because of the word “should.” Of course, it is not a moral statement simply because it has nothing to do with well-being.  In this case, I’m recommending that for a pleasant aesthetic experience, a certain combination of elements is “necessary.”  Perhaps, it has been seen from repeated and corroborated experience, these elements work well together and better than some other combinations.  But better for who?  We also recognize that for some people, this experience won’t be the same – it won’t amount to a preferred experience.  We call this subjectivity.  What I’m NOT saying is that it is morally right to pair said wine with said food…

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